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Lions International has over 1.3 million members helping local communities in more than 205 countries through 46,000 clubs, Lions Clubs International is the largest service member organisation in the world.   As you can imagine, statistics showing the work done by these ordinary men and women are pretty impressive. But perhaps the most memorable fact about Lions Clubs is that every penny we collect through fund-raising goes directly to support good causes. Our administration costs are paid for by members’ subscriptions. 
We are able to react quickly to support local communities whenever natural disaster strikes. Our humanitarian help is provided by local Lions who volunteer their support on the ground – backed by grants from the Lions Clubs International Foundation and fund-raising by Lions Clubs across the world.    We also respond to local needs – and changing circumstances. Helping to support those experiencing financial hardship in recent years, Lions Clubs have organised job fairs, set up food banks and managed charity shops and stalls.   Community Service includes running Prostate Awareness campaigns and some clubs are even providing testing.  
In the UK over 17,000 men and women who belong to 900 Lions Clubs across the British Isles and Ireland have a huge amount of fun helping out in their local communities. We love to volunteer and make things happen. You will find Lions helping Father Christmas meet tens of thousands of excited children each year, running book stalls and other recycling projects, and organising duck races, fun runs, local motor shows or other community events in villages, towns and cities.  
Lions Clubs International British Isles and Ireland lions is continuing to attract new members – with four out of ten of those joining being women, and the average age of all new members calculated as 53 years young.  When you become a Lion, you join a community of friendship. Wherever you travel throughout the British Isles and Ireland, or overseas, you can find fellow members and make new friends. Together Lions club members share the ups and downs of life. They are on hand to welcome new family members, celebrate weddings and enjoy other happy occasions. Lions members also help out when things go wrong and offer a friendly hug, an ear to listen or a welcome cup of tea. Becoming a Lion is often the start of a lifelong commitment and we never forget those who are no longer with us – many of whom continue to give back to others as their lasting legacy.  
Being a member of Lions Clubs International is about meeting local needs. Working closely with local communities throughout the British Isles and Ireland, Lions clubs make financial donations to help local individuals, groups or good causes.   Lions clubs also serve local needs in a flexible way by responding promptly and doing good deeds, large or small. As volunteers, members of Lions clubs make things happen in local communities that would not otherwise take place. For more members information go to 

Lions clubs may provide personal help lasting a minute or two, or mobilise hundreds of members as volunteers at local or regional events on an annual basis. By supporting air ambulance crews, managing flood damage repairs, and helping out at local community events, Lions clubs can be relied upon at the heart of the action.

Lions International Purposes and Lions Clubs Ethics can be seen by Clicking Here  

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Updated 8.12.19