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There are a number of ways that the community supports the work that we undertake. The First of these is through membership of the 200 club which supplements the main fund raising events. The Second is through the Lions giving website. The Third is through direct sponsorship of the events and the Fourth is through businesses taking advertising for our many fund raising events. The Club has CIO status and the Charity Commission Reference Number is 1179721.

East Grinstead & District Lions Emergency Fund - 200 Club - Could YOU be a winner?

The 200 Club - is a group of up to 200 individuals, members of the lions, friends, family and other members of the public, who generously provide financial support to the clubs community service needs. The 200 Club Secretary/Treasurer maintains a database of members contact information and payments made in order to administer the Club and the draws. The application forms and constitution refer to this data and the rights of the individual under the Data Protection Act to access or modify the data at any time. The 200 Club helps to supplement the other funds raised by the Lions Club each year at major events so that all funds go to charitable causes.

By paying just £24 a year via bankers order, the participants enjoy the opportunity to participate in four draws a year. These usually take place in January, May, July and October. Each draw has three prizes. The draws in May (at May Fair and October at the Charter Night are Star Draws, which offer higher prize money and for full details for participating in this worthwhile prize draw and the level of prizes please Click Here for the Constitution and Click Here for an Application Form. Please complete the form and send it to the 200 Club Secretary/Treasurer.

                                                 Past Winners

Date   Ist   2nd    3rd
June 2014     Mr D Richardson     Mr G Miller     Mr A Smart
October 2014   Mr P Jackson   Mr P Staines   Mr A Reece
December 2014   Mrs R Steele   Mr D James   Mrs J Vincent
May 2015   Mr R C Bedborough.      Mr I Vincent   Mr C A Millen
June 2015   Mrs C Loftus.                   Mr C Millen.            Mrs L Rees
October 2015   Mr Huggett    Mr L C Weston   Mr R R Ruaux
December 2015   Mrs S Mackenzie   Mr Stonley   Mr P F Avent.         
May 2016   Mrs J Vincent   Mr L Weston   Mrs P Jackson 
June 2016   Mr D James   Mr Keepax    Mr P F Avent
September 2016      Mrs G Shutts    Mrs Ferne    Mr I Forbes 
December 2016   Ms L Scotson    Mr R Millen   Mrs I Pratt
May 2017   Mr W Becker   Mrs J Gorecki   Mrs J Millen
June 2017   Mr C Jaques   Mr P F Avent   Mrs S Latham
October 2017   Mrs G Ikin   Mrs C Keepax   Mr R Mead
December 2017    Mr D James   Mr C Jacques    Mr Bedborough
May 2018    Mrs J Whitfield   Mr C Lavender    Mrs S Forbes 
June 2018   Mr R Sutcliffe   Mrs G Ikin   Mr Charman
October 2018   Mr G Miller   Mrs C Keepax   Mrs R Jacques
December 2018   Mrs S Joy   Mrs G Ikin   Mr J Miller
May 2019   Mr A Smart   Mr Ruaux   Mrs Smart
June 2019   Mr A Smart   Mrs S Mackenzie   Mr K Pratt
October 2019   Mrs Lee    Mr D N Tyler    Mr Dunk 
January 2020   Mrs Graysmark   Mrs Murch   Mr Millen
May 2020   Mr G Miller   Mrs G Shutts    Mrs Lee 
July 2020   Mrs P Jackson   Tony Harvey   Mrs J Murch
Oct 2020   Mr & Mrs SD Ritchie   Mr PF Avent   Mr B Richens
January 2021   Mr C A Millen   Mrs C Keepax   Mr W Becker
May 2021   Mrs Webb   Mr&Mrs Ritchie   Miss K Millen
July 2021   Mrs S Forbes   Mr Stonley   Mr D F Avery
October 2021   Mrs L K Rees   Mrs J Richarson   Mrs G Ikin
February 2022   Mr Lovell   Mr Lubwama   Mr Charman
May 2022   Mr Ruaux   Mr Woolley   Mr Bedborough

With the arrival of Coronavirus we have had to adjust the location and process by which the draws take place.


Thanks to the members of the 200 Club who continue to contribute, we are able to donate specific sums to special causes.The latest in 2021 is £1000 to the Air Ambulance Service that provides emergency response in this area.

Other Giving

There are a number of ways that you can support the work of East Grinstead Lions and the wider work of Lions Clubs Nationally and Internationally. One of these is through Lions Giving. Please click on the following website to make your donation:


Most of our fundraising events entail getting support from local businesses.   For a number of our events we would be pleased to consider sponsorship for which we will provide additional preferential advertising and mentions on this website with links to your preferred internet material.

martells1                             We would like to acknowledge the amazing support we have received from Martells over the years. They have helped us in so many ways and made our efforts to provide community care much easier.      


We are very grateful to the large number of businesses who support us by taking advertising space in the material for our events.

The following have advertised in 2020:

               Event                        Advertiser            Website    



We would also like to thank Friends Removals without whom in the past we could not mobilise all our equipment

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Updated  2.2.21