Kindness in Action -  Alongside a focus on local community service , Lions get involved with five common causes ; Diabetes, Vision, Hunger, Environment and Childhood Cancer.

Connect with others -  Join us to raise funds and help others with integrity, enthusiasm, innovation, and creativity to achieve positive results through friendship and teamwork.

Global Force for Good - With more volunteers in more places than any other service organisation, Lions Step Forward to tackle local community challenges wherever they occur.

Living our promise - By being open to change, Lions continue to be respected and trusted to meet the evolving needs of those requiring support in local communities.

Our Mission, Lions Serve:

Its that simple. Lions Clubs are places where individuals jion together to give their valuable time and effort to improving their communities, and the world.

Our Values: Honesty and Ethical Conduct

The success of the club can only be measured by the level of community care we are able to deliver with our team. Whilst we have a number of full members the team are often over stretched as we try to meet the demands of the events we hold and the service we provide. The fund raising activities are based upon the premise that the income we generate will support the many worthy causes that arise each year in East Grinstead and the surrounding District.

 We can only achieve success and satisfy the demand for community support in our district with the additinal help of individual volunteers.

Be a Volunteer - achieve many things:

* A way to develop additional skills and knowledge   * Make a difference in the community  * Meet new people  * Work as a team       * Have the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference  * Increase your confidence  * Know your time can make a difference

 Every Little Helps

Give as little as an hour a month or a couple of hours at an activity that we run. Have the satisfaction of knowing that without your contribution, less would have been achieved or perhaps not achieved at all. Call us on 0345 833 9506 or reach us by using our Contact Us page on this website. You never know you might like to consider joining the club

Our Vision

'To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service'


Work with us to achieve our Mission

'To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Clubs'.


Updated 2.3.21